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We are always striving to provide the largest selection of parts while maintaining the lowest possible price.


Auto Spare Parts was founded in early 1988 with the desire to make available world class aftermarket autoparts. Our target, though difficult, was clearly defined. For any requirement from abroad our target was to achieve the quality, finish and packaging standard of the best brand available in the market.

... History

Today, under the creative instincts, aggressive marketing techniques, visionary approach and ambitious nature of our directors, we have acquired a respectable status and made rapid strides to manufacture bumper and tail lamp for variety of kia pride models in addition to imports from several countries.

stocks spare parts for Kia Pride, Nasim, Saba, and a few other Iranian made Kia vehicles.

In addition to manufacturing of Kia Pride Bumper, Tail Lamp and Internal door handle, we have a wide range of different OEM spare parts as well. We make sure to give all our customers the best quality spare parts at the most competitive prices. Our policy is to make lifetime customers.

We make sure that once a customer deals with us, he never has to go anywhere else. We satisfy all your requirements by offering every product you need at the most reasonable prices.